Test drive your next driver with CPC Temp-to-Perm Services.

Temp-to-perm (or temp-to-hire) jobs are positions that are temporary for a set period of time, but could eventually lead to a permanent position in your fleet, if you prefer. These drivers usually start off as filling a short-term gap, but can transition to becoming a valued and trusted member of your team.

Temp-to-Perm benefits you.

Using CPC’s Temp-to-Perm Driver Solutions is a great way to see each driver perform the job under real-world conditions. Then, if you so choose, you can hire them for more work down the line. You may interview, road test and apply your own hiring specifications to our drivers to find the exact ones you need. And we only deliver driver candidates who are a trusted, dedicated and smart addition to your team.

Temp-to-Perm is great for the driver, too.

Temp-to-Perm is a great way for drivers to gain experience with your company firsthand before signing on for the long term. This is beneficial for you both, because you can each evaluate if it will be a good fit before signing a permanent contract. You both have a three to six month “try out” to see if the position is a good match and meets everyone’s expectations – yours, the driver and CPC.

For newer drivers, Temp-to-Perm is a way to gain experience in positions similar to the one they are seeking as a permanent position and to collect references for future employment. For drivers who may have been out of the workforce, Temp-to-Perm is a great way to pick things up again, if they are proven to meet your requirements and ours.

The CPC Advantage

CPC is one of the largest driver staffing providers in the transportation industry, with over 50 years of experience in delivering creative solutions that solve the exact types of challenges you’re facing today.

When we place one of our drivers with you, we match them to your exact standards and requirements And we provide all the training and coaching to make sure they’re doing the job you need them to do. So whether they’ll be with you for a short-term placement or they’ll become a permanent member of your fleet, we treat them with the same care and provide you with the same support every step of the way.