Supplement your staff with CPC’s Flexible Driver’s program.

Sometimes, circumstances can arise that mean you suddenly need to increase your capacity. A flexible driver from CPC (also known as a casual driver) could be the solution. Flexible drivers may be called out on a per-trip basis, or as required.

CPC's Flexible Driver Program offers you:

  • Support during the growth and expansion of your business

  • The ability to staff-up during seasonal peaks

  • Coverage during special jobs, short notice opportunities or large scale projects

  • Available drivers when turnover or unexpected openings occur

At CPC, we can hire a fully vetted, committed driver, selected to your exact requirements, in about 5 to 7 days. Every one of our drivers, temporary or not, must meet our standards too-ours are more stringent than the DOT.

Quality drivers on demand.

Our temporary drivers aren’t temporary drivers because they can’t hold onto a placement. Some prefer the temporary lifestyle because they like the flexibility. It fits what they need and they prefer that work/life balance. Some want the freedom to only drive when they want, some may be partially retired, and others may be in seasonal fields (such as farming) and appreciate the flexibility to be able to select jobs that fit their other obligations.

We’ve built our business on how we treat our drivers. The support and respect we give them keeps them coming back for additional placements, time after time. And we’ve built a culture that drivers appreciate-that’s why our driver retention numbers are some of the best in the industry and why we have so many Hall of Fame, All Star and Million-Mile drivers.

CPC stands behind the quality of all of our drivers.

When we place one of our drivers with you, we match them to your exact standards and requirements. And we provide all the training and coaching to make sure they’re doing the job you need them to do. So whether they’ll be with you for a short-term placement or they’ll become a permanent member of your fleet, we treat them with the same care and provide you with the same support every step of the way.

Temporary needs require immediate attention.

At CPC, we pride ourselves on our service and responsiveness, making sure you always know what is happening. Our local teams are in your market and ready to provide immediate help when you need it. You’ll have the mobile number of your CPC representative and they’ll answer your call – even after business hours.

Over 50 years in the industry has given us deep experience in transportation logistics. We’re your reliable source for contingent labor of all types, with the experience and the creativity to solve whatever challenge you’re facing right now to keep your operation moving forward.